At Freedom Skateshop you will find a large selection of skateboard wheels in all common sizes, hardnesses, shapes and diameters. From the market leaders Spitfire and Bones Wheels, Wayward, OJs, Ricta, Orbs, Pig and Crupie, to wheels from our favorite skate companies. We've got you covered. In our opinion Spitfire with their Formula Four Wheels and Bones with their Street Tech Formula (STF) deliver the best quality on the market. However, all other brands in our range are also of excellent quality and offer the best price-performance ratio for many of our customers.

What is there to consider when it comes to skateboard wheels?
First of all, it must be said that there are no rules here, as with all aspects of skateboarding. It's all about personal preferences, which you will only find out over time.

Diameter: You should choose the diameter according to the area of use. For street skating, wheels around 52mm are currently our most popular size, while you should choose slightly larger wheels if you spend more time in ramps, or even use the skateboard mainly for cruising and getting around. Please note that you should use riser pads from a wheel size of about 55mm to avoid wheelbites.

The hardness of skateboard wheels is measured in durometer with the unit of measurement "A". 99A to 101A are the standard hardness, Bones STF are the hardest wheels with 103A. Everything below 90A is suitable for cruising, here you have a softer feel, more grip and the wheels balance out unevenness better, but they are no longer suitable for tricks.

The shape of the wheels also has an effect on the handling. Round cut wheels offer a good average for all applications. Conical Shape Wheels are conically inward cut wheels, which usually offer a wide tread, which has a positive effect on durability and grip - but at the expense of the slide properties. In addition, the inwardly straight cut of such wheels makes it easier to lock in grinds.

The diameter of the wheels also has an effect on the skateboard's handling. The larger the diameter, the greater the angle to the point where you pop. In other words - until your tail touches the ground. Here, the bigger the angle, the more pop - but this is at the expense of control - you have to perform your tricks more precisely.

At Freedom Skateshop you will find a wide range of wheels - you will find what you are looking for!

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