We carry a very well-chosen assortment of skateboard truck brands and only products that we would use ourselves. Trucks from brands like Thunder, Independent, Venture, Ace, Film and Krux fulfil these standards for us. While there are Lows, Hollows, Lights, etc. from all brands in addition to the different widths, what really matters is the geometry of the trucks. Because this is essential for the steering behaviour.

We will go into the different steering characteristics of the various brands in more detail here:
Independent trucks have an excellent steering performance, they don't turn too sharply and are therefore popular among people who spend a lot of time in ramps. Thunder Trucks turn a little more aggressively and are very responsive. Ace Trucks are based on an earlier version of Indys, as many purists think this is the perfect geometry. Film Trucks from the French skateboard legend Jérémie Daclin, are very good trucks with an excellent price-performance ratio.

What else is there to consider when it comes to skateboard trucks?

Width/size: When it comes to the size of trucks, it is usually important to make sure that they end approximately with the edge of the deck. Since the size labels of the various brands are all different, we have simplified the Search in our menu for you and set up a filter according to deck sizes. For a better overview there is a list of brands below.

High or Low: Standard trucks are usually "High", even if the height is not listed separately. Low trucks are slightly lower. Please note that this also changes the geometry of the trucks and therefore low trucks usually do not turn as well as standard high trucks. In addition, the kingpin is usually higher, which can be annoying with tricks like Smith or Feeble Grinds. Low trucks bring you closer to the ground, which gives you a little more control, but the changed angle means that you have less pop. Also, you should not ride low trucks with wheels that are larger than 52 millimeters to avoid wheelbites.

Standard or Light: There are several ways to make trucks lighter, such as using hollow kingpins and axles, forged baseplates, materials like titanium or magnesium, etc. While lighter trucks are of course slightly better, the few grams difference in weight only bring limited improvements in performance.

Truck size chart:

Deck width 7.875 to 8.25: Ace: 33, Film: 5.25, Independent: 139, Thunder: 147, Venture: 5.25
Deck width 8.125 to 8.375: Ace: 44, Film: 5.25, Independent: 144, Thunder: 148, Venture: 5.6
Deck width 8.25 to 8.5: Ace: 55, Film 5.5, Independent: 149, Thunder: 149, Venture: 5.8

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