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What you should know about Skateboard Decks:
Skateboard Decks are made of 7 layers of Canadian maple and even if they look more or less the same at first sight, there are sometimes enormous differences, which are especially important for advanced skateboarders.
We only carry products that meet our high quality standards. Since we all skate ourselves, we don't sell any products that we wouldn't use ourselves. Even though there are now woodshops in China and Europe that deliver good quality, it is undeniable that the best decks are produced in Mexico by Bareback/Generator (Baker, Deathwish, Decay, Real, Anti Hero, DGK, Polar) and P.S. Stix (FA, Hockey, WKND, Welcome). We also don't make any compromises in the production of our Freedom Decks and have them produced by Generator to offer you the best possible quality.

Still here? Let’s take a closer look at the production of skateboard decks:

Of the 7 layers, 5 layers of maple are glued lengthwise and 2 layers crosswise to achieve the desired stability and stiffness. These layers first pass through special rollers, where they are evenly covered with a layer of glue (which is either water-based or epoxy glue), and then entered into the press. This is where the layers are pressed together under high pressure. The press itself is already pre-formed, this is where the deck gets its concave. After pressing and a resting phase, the axle holes are drilled and the shape is cut out, giving the deck its individual shape. After that the deck is painted all around with clear varnish to keep moisture out (and in). Finally, the deck gets its graphic. The heat transfer method, in which the print is transferred with high pressure from a carrier foil to the deck via a roller, has become widely established here. However, there are still a few companies like Hook Ups that still offer traditional screen printing on decks.
While for beginners the width of the deck is the most important factor when buying a deck, for advanced skateboarders there is a lot more to consider. Length and wheelbase (the distance between the trucks) play an important role and so do things like the concave and nose/tail kick. As a general rule the steeper or shorter the tail, the more pop you have. However, this also requires a little more precision. A flatter or longer tail gives you more control, but a little less pop.

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Welcome Lay Inferno On Stonecypher 8.6 Deck Primary


69.9 EUR 69,90

incl. 20 % VAT


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