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Add-on Make it a Complete Standard

The perfect choice for advanced skateboarders or people who just rediscovered their love for skateboarding. Our "Make it a Complete Standard" add-on gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite deck from our entire range. We take care of the remaining components, which will perfectly match your selection. Your setup comes fully assembled with standard polished trucks, high quality wheels from brands like Crupie or Wayward, bearings from Shake Junt, Bones or Cortina and black griptape from Jessup or Mob. An affordable option with high quality trucks, wheels and bearings, so nothing stands in your way when it comes to extended skate sessions and learning new tricks. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

How it works:

Choose a Deck from our product range and put it into the shopping cart. After that choose between "Add-on Make It A Complete Beginner", "Add-on Make It A Complete Standard" and "Add-on Make It A Complete Premium", put it into the shopping cart as well and finish your order.
We will take care of the rest :)

“Add-on Make It A Complete Standard" contains:
- Standard trucks in the matching size
- 52mm Wayward, Crupie or Orbs Wheels
- Shake Junt Night Trains, Bones Reds or Cortina bearings
- Diamond hardware
- Jessup, Grizzly or Mob Griptape

ATTENTION: Please note that this is an add-on product which can only be ordered in combination with a skateboard deck.