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  1. Venture Awake T-Shirt Black Green Orange
    EUR 37,99 Incl. 20 % VAT
  2. Venture 5.6 Touzery V-Light Truck
    EUR 44,90 Incl. 20 % VAT
  3. Venture 6.1 All Polished V Hollow Light Truck
    EUR 45,90 Incl. 20 % VAT
  4. Venture Polished V-Light High 5.25
    EUR 39,90 Incl. 20 % VAT
  5. Venture 5.25 Hi Polished Hollow Light
    EUR 39,90 Incl. 20 % VAT
  6. Venture All Polished V-Light Hi 5.8
    EUR 39,90 Incl. 20 % VAT
  7. Venture All Polished V-Light Hi 5.6 Trucks
    EUR 37,90 Incl. 20 % VAT
  8. Venture All Polished V Hollow Light Hi 5.25
    EUR 41,90 Incl. 20 % VAT
  9. Venture 5.6 Hi All Polished
    EUR 34,90 Incl. 20 % VAT
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Venture Trucks

For many street skateboarders Venture trucks are the top choice. The skateboard trucks with the famous V Hanger guarantee style and durability. The steering behavior of Venture trucks can be described as rather lazy, which means that a little more force is needed to skate tighter turns. However, it is this characteristic that makes Venture very popular with many street skaters who prefer a slightly harder handling. Of course, you can counteract the natural sluggishness somewhat with softer bushings.

Venture Trucks was created by Fausto Vitello, co-founder of Thrasher. At that time, there were only very few companies producing skateboard trucks and Venture was supposed to be a cheaper alternative to Independent or Tracker to provide some diversity and a fresh choice. The breakthrough came with the introduction of the low-trucks, which are still a constant part of every Venture catalog.

Venture Team Truck

The Venture Team truck is the most popular Venture truck and is equipped with a slightly higher, thicker baseplate. Thanks to its unique look, durability and performance, it is the first choice for many Venture team riders.

Venture V Light

Thanks to a hollow kingpin and a slightly lower forged baseplate, the Venture V Light is more lightweight than the standard version.

Venture Hollow Light

A forged baseplate, hollow kingpin and axle pin make the Venture Hollow Light the most lightweight truck in the Venture range.

Venture Low

Many manufacturers have discontinued the production of low trucks, because the demand has declined significantly over the years. This is mainly due to the fact that skateboarders have recognized the advantages of larger wheels and thus require higher trucks. However, there are still die-hard tech skaters who absolutely swear by the ride of low trucks. The Venture Lows are available in many widths, but you should not use wheels above 52 mm to avoid annoying wheelbites.

Besides skateboard trucks, there is also a small but fine selection of sweaters, shirts, caps and beanies from Venture Trucks, which will definitely make hearts of many hardcore street skaters beat faster.

The Venture Trucks team has been able to book some new additions in the last years. Bobby Worrest, Yuto Horigome or John Shanahan brought new wind for Venture and are a perfect addition to the existing lineup.